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Christy is a coach that loves to work with women to help them thrive in life. She had her site on the Squarespace platform but she wanted to incorporate courses. She decided to move to Kajabi because it offered a website, courses, and her email marketing all in one.

How I help...

OH MY GOSH Stephani there are just no words to describe how grateful I am for you and for how blown away I am by the website you’ve created for me!!! I am blown away. Thank you for being SO patient, kind, incredibly knowledgeable, brilliantly gifted, and helpful. You took what I was trying to say and created it more beautifully than I could’ve imagined and you were such a gift and pleasure to work for every single step of the way. After years of DIY-ing I could finally relax in your very capable hands. I can’t tell you the peace that you have brought to my life by helping me with something that I have struggled with for so long (including the struggle I’ve had with other website designers who came nowhere near your skill.) Thank you with all my heart for bringing my vision to life and for making the process a joy! XOXOXO!

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Do you need help creating your website, integrating technology online, or are you stumped on how to get all the parts working together?  Let me know how I can help!

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